Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my EBCM can be fixed?

Most problems common problems associated with any EBCM can be repaired.

GM Trucks & SUVs: Fundamentally, the all too popular 'pump run-on' is the most typical and can be repaired fairly easy.

Corvettes: Service Traction/Service ABS/Service Active Handling

How long will it take to repair my EBCM?

Repairs are usually performed the same day we receive them and shipped back the next business day.

Will I loose all of my stored EEPROM data?

As far as re-programming goes.. you will not need to re-program or configure the EBCM. All EEPROM data that is in your unit will remain intact. After you receive the repaired unit it will bolt back on with no problems whatsoever....

Why doesn't the Manufacturer fix it?

Manufacturers and Dealers fix problems at the module level and not the component (or board) level. In addition, the ABS modules are not manufactured by the automobile manufacturer.

What goes wrong with the ABS Unit?

GM Trucks:  Problems relating to the pump constantly running is most usually caused by a faulty part within the ABS EBCM. This is not necessarily something that you have caused. Inside of the EBCM is a semiconductor that has failed and is telling the pump to turn on and never turn off... There is nothing that can be done at this point except for removing the 60Amp fuse located in the fuse compartment under the hood. The only way to repair this unit is to replace the bad part. This is rarely anything the average person can do. Repairing this unit involves unsoldering 6 solenoids and about 30 or so solder connections before removing the PC board that contains the faulty part. After that, their is a surface mount transistor that is removed and then replaced by a new one. Everything is then reassembled and tested.

Corvette EBCM:  Usually most faults are related to power supply failures and circuit board deterioration.

Can further damage be caused?

It is very rare to see further damage than the damaged transistor. One thing to consider is to make sure to remove the 60Amp fuse in the fuse compartment under the hood to prevent pump from operating and running down your battery. Not only will you have a dead battery, but your pump doesn't like to be operated for more than a few seconds at a time.

Can I drive my vehicle without the EBCM?

GM Trucks: Yes, you can operate your brakes and drive like normal. If you do plan to remove your EBCM for service, cover the exposed pump block with some plastic sheeting and secure with duct tape or equivalent.

Corvettes: Your vehicle will still have brakes as long as you only remove the EBCM and leave the pump assembly(BPMV) intact.  You will need to tie up your main wire harness to eliminate getting wrapped up in the serpentine pully/belt system.

Do I need to bleed my brakes?

As long as you only remove your EBCM and not your BPMV, No, you will encounter NO brake fluid. loss. Bleeding of brakes is not necessary.